Culture Corps is actively curating a variety temporary and permanent public artworks throughout West Palm Beach with Related Companies as part of the city’s cultural revitalization program.

By bringing site-specific and existing artworks into the public space, Culture Corps continues to weave arts and culture into fabric of West Palm Beach.




New York-based artist Rico Gatson is known for creating striking artworks, often based on significant moments in black history. Combining supergraphics and compelling geometric shapes with images from shared histories, Gatson has a vivid and easily recognizable style. Building on these themes, Gatson’s mural, Mountain Top, on CityPlace’s Gardenia garage is inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s final speech in which he says, “I have been to the mountaintop and I have seen the promised land.”




Genii Loci is popular public art activist and painter Steed Taylor’s creation, stretching 1.2 miles along West Palm Beach’s Rosemary Avenue. The public artwork is a commemorative, site-specific, community-based, Road Tattoo, a project of Taylor’s own creation and specialty. Genii Loci’s design is inspired by the local flora and fauna of Florida, Celtic style braids representing the bonds of community, and musical notes from a song honoring the rich Jazz history of the area, uniting different communities through music. Taylor promotes the idea that roads are the skin of a community and hold the same relationship as skin to the individual body. A road can be marked for the same reason that one might mark their own skin; as a way to commemorate or communicate meaning. The Road Tattoo was painted by Taylor and a team of primarily local artists, allowing the process of the pieces making to echo the integrity of the piece itself, supporting local communities. Genii Loci is the nations largest Road Tattoo, painted with traffic paint which will naturally wear away after approximately two years, dissolving the work into the road.




Tokyo-based artist Frankie Cihi created Hybrid Infinity, a dazzling, large-scale mural on the façade of a bare parking structure at CityPlace, as part of the city’s cultural revitalization program. Hybrid Infinity consists of three hand-painted bays which extend across the parking garage’s façade, transforming the building with Cihi’s geometric abstractions of traditional Japanese patterns and motifs. The parking structure is located directly in front of the “All Aboard Florida” high-speed rail tracks on the Quadrille Boulevard side of the structure, and allows train passengers, along with pedestrians and drivers alike, to catch a glimpse of Cihi’s whimsical imagery in optimistic shades of blue, pink, and orange. The completion of Hybrid Infinity is Cihi’s largest public installation and first in the United States.




Blue Rose #2—the blue rendition of three larger-than-life roses, is an extension of Ryman’s acclaimed site-specific sculpture series, “The Roses,” which lined Park Avenue, New York in 2011. While the form of the rose is immediately recognizable, its familiarity is altered through monumental size and bright blue coloring. Blue Rose #2 is ultimately a transformation and a celebration of daily life, reshaping how we interact with our surroundings.




Feuerman is recognized as a pioneering figure in the world of hyperrealist sculpture, a movement where works appear extremely realistic to the extent that they trick the eye. The Message is emblematic of her work, with astonishing realistic fabric and skin, depicting a swimmer reaching down for a shell. Although life-like, this sculpture is made of lacquered bronze and weighs over 225 pounds. The piece brings attention to the Plaza Fountain as a place of meeting, movement, and communication.