Genii Loci is popular public art activist and painter Steed Taylor’s creation, stretching 1.2 miles along West Palm Beach’s Rosemary Avenue. The public artwork is a commemorative, site-specific, community-based, Road Tattoo, a project of Taylor’s own creation and specialty. Genii Loci’s design is inspired by the local flora and fauna of Florida, Celtic style braids representing the bonds of community, and musical notes from a song honoring the rich Jazz history of the area, uniting different communities through music. Taylor promotes the idea that roads are the skin of a community and hold the same relationship as skin to the individual body. A road can be marked for the same reason that one might mark their own skin; as a way to commemorate or communicate meaning. The Road Tattoo was painted by Taylor and a team of primarily local artists, allowing the process of the pieces making to echo the integrity of the piece itself, supporting local communities. Genii Loci is the nations largest Road Tattoo, painted with traffic paint which will naturally wear away after approximately two years, dissolving the work into the road.