Hidden in plain sight, 2019

Hidden in plain sight is a vinyl mural with colorful transparent triangles in the foreground and a mirrored image of multinational children in the background. Consistent in Gatson’s work, the triangle, as a form represents strength, love and power, and the bold prismatic colors represent light or illumination. The work projects an optimism and hope that a better future is imminent.


Rico Gatson is known for creating striking artworks, often based on significant moments in black history. Combining supergraphics and compelling geometric shapes with images from shared histories, Gatson has a vivid and easily recognizable style. His exhibition highlights include Beacons, a site-specific MTA Arts commission in New York’s 167th Street Station, as well as a solo show at The Studio of Harlem, New York, among others. Rico Gatson is represented by Ronald Feldman Gallery.