No stranger to large-scale murals, Donald Robertson has filled this immense span of surface with columns of vibrant colors, layered with groups of his iconic painterly “lips.”  The viewer is invited to stand in the space of their choosing and be “labeled” by defining words and phrases Robertson placed throughout his OFF THE WALL activation.


Donald Robertson, or Drawbertson as he is better known on Instagram, is a prolific illustrator and pop artist whose work spans both industries and media. Whether he is painting walnuts or Birkins, you can always spot a piece of his infamous art and style.  Although Robertson has been a longtime creative fixture, his Instagram social media presence is what propelled him, and his zeitgeist works, to international fame. Since starting his Instagram in 2012, Robertson has amassed over 200k followers and has been compared to the likes of Andy Warhol. In 2017, prestige and luxury publisher, Assouline, published Donald’s large body of work as well as including his loyal and high profile fans and their quotes, which became a best-seller for Assouline. In 2018, Donald was honored at the Newport Art Museum in Newport, Rhode Island and this past December, 2018, Robertson was the main art exhibit at the famous Faena Arts District, taking over the Faena Bazaar where he exhibited his art as well as doing several personal appearances.