rules for viewing: only look during visiting hours. rules for reflection: hahahaha, 2019

For OFF THE WALL, Hayes reflected the specific locale of her work, juxtaposing the contemporary architecture of Hudson Yards with an Albert Bierstadt painting from 1868. This painting is an archetype of the Hudson River School, an artistic movement from the 19th century that reflected on discovery, exploration and settlement along the Hudson River. Hayes sees an alignment of this with the vision of Hudson Yards: for a new era of community, culture, and commerce. The artist also incorporates viewer participation, with hidden QR codes embedded into her work. The infinite vastness of possibility that those artists saw in nature, Hayes sees in architecture, contemporary art and technology- all of these elements being congruent to the sublime.


Jeanette Hayes is a painter and multimedia artist whose work addresses the traditional preservation of non-traditional technological imagery through her painting, video, photoshop work and internet collages. Her interests include cultural phenomena and the confrontation of conventionality and subject matter. Her exhibition highlights include The Hole Gallery in New York, Johannes Vogt Gallery in East Hampton, along with multiple print collaborations with Exhibition A.