Holiday: The Future is Bright is an artistic takeover of the lobby at 10 Hudson Yards, the first commercial office tower to open in Manhattan’s newest neighborhood at the corner of 30th Street and 10th Avenue. Open to both visitors and tenants the jubilant installation addresses classic holiday themes through the creative eyes of artists. The display features an enchanting collection of swirling snowflakes and potted pine trees throughout the expansive lobby. The result is a celebration of our collective culture and customs that also embraces renewal, growth, and transformation.


Bovey Lee - “Flower Knot Snowflake for Hudson Yards”, 2018


Hong Kong-born / Los Angeles based artist Bovey Lee creates intricate, lace-like cut paper that borrows from her knowledge of traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, and computer graphics.

Her masterfully hand-cut and detailed artworks are narratives that address themes ranging from social concerns, humanity, and the interface between built environments and nature. A contemporary cut-paper artist, Bovey’s art resonates with the energy of dualities: traditional vs. modern, natural vs. man-made, paper vs. lace, solid vs. void, old vs. new. For Holiday, Bovey fuses elements from her existing series of snowflakes and flower knots to create a site-specific hybrid piece that speaks to Hudson Yards’ contributions to the fabric of New York City.

Adorning the floor-to-ceiling windows that surround the lobby of 10 Hudson Yards, Bovey’s cascade of snowflakes welcomes the holidays in a peaceful swirl that can be enjoyed both inside and outside of the building. The installation draws inspiration from landmarks scattered across Hudson Yards, such as The Shed, New York’s Staircase, and its impressive skyline, in addition to neighboring influences like The High Line, 7 Train, and the Hudson River.

Paula Hayes - “Snow”, 2018

Paula Hayes - “Snow”, 2018


Paula Hayes is a New York-based visual artist who works in multiple mediums but is most widely recognized for reimagining terrariums into a 21st-century sculpture that embodies caregiving. Using live plants and vessels for natural systems as her primary medium, she creates magical environments that mesmerize and redefine our relationship to both art and nature. Her love and commitment to the natural world, as much ancient as it is pioneering, inspires and resonates throughout her enchanting installations. Drawing on her keen sense of aesthetics and commitment to ecological concerns, she brings these themes to the installation at Hudson Yards. Norfolk Pine - native to Norfolk Island in the South Pacific, grown in the US as needle-leaf indoor perennials - populate the space. Handmade cone planters, ergonomically shaped to reflect and respect the trees’ expanding root ball, bring to mind drifts of snow in winter. Commemorating nature in this way, experiencing the beauty of these live plantings, highlights the spiritual essence of the holiday season for all who pass through. In this same spirit, at the end of the installation, the trees will be donated to an organization where they will continue to live on.

Curated by Culture Corps
Graphic design and “The Future is Bright” snowflake by Leun Gwynne
Commissioned by Hudson Yards