OY/YO for HY, 2019

OY/YO for HY combines “yo,” a common slang word as well as the Spanish word for “I,” and “oy,” a common Yiddish exclamation, into one mirrored image. Each word is an inverse color of the other, formally separating the words, but also drawing upon their similarities. Placed next to each other, they speak to the diversity of New York City, while underscoring the truth that despite superficial differences, we are all one.


Deborah Kass utilizes a wide breadth of materials to explore crossroads between art history, pop culture, and the self. Known for her painting, sculpture, and neon light installations, Kass appropriates a variety of techniques and source material as a method of social, political and historical commentary. Her exhibition highlights include Venice Biennale, Istanbul Biennale, Museum Ludwig, Museum of Modern Art New York, The Jewish Museum New York, the Whitney Museum of American Art, National Portrait Gallery D.C., Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, among others.