Culture Lab is an experiential arts center that opened in December 2017. This site was formerly a Macy’s department store and is now transformed into a creative space inspired by West Palm Beach and CityPlace’s urban revival. The cultural programming resides in three areas within the building: the façade, the ground floor, and top floor. The ambitious artwork, Palm Beach Parade by Michael Craig-Martin wraps the exterior of the building. A profound site-specific three-part sound work, You are the Magic by Stephen Vitiello, fills the top floor.




The ground floor of the Culture Lab hosts an experimental group show titled “ASSEMBLAGE: An Organically Grown Group Exhibition” that expands with ongoing artist participation over a period of 1 year. This exhibition was inspired by the perfectly bizarre environment left behind by the former Macy’s department store. Here, the cases, now void of accessories, makeup, apparel, and products become “ready-made” pedestals for art. The memory of what was once a thriving shopping hub is still present in our collective consciousness, but the reality of what is left is a shell, a 21st century ruin, where a cultural endeavor is shaped and nurtured. Culture Lab’s curators will continue to invite new artists each month, weaving a tapestry of visions which will conceptually and aesthetically thrive in this site–specific space by layering their work into the massive room; slowly transforming it into an abundant laboratory of visual art. Though the incubation period will culminate in December of 2018, the completed experiment will continue to be activated by visitors of the space.