Charles Schulz was a visionary artist with the gift of transforming the mundane into the magnificent. Building on this legacy, Peanuts will annually commission select contemporary artists to contemplate Schulz’s remarkable achievements, and produce works of art which expand upon themes from his oeuvre. These inspired, new creations will be presented on products with Peanuts brand partners and as international public art projects.

Culture Corps will curate, produce and manage this unprecedented cultural agenda where creative branding will bring the important and playful messages of Peanuts to a broader platform, while simultaneously introducing a unique art experience.

This thoughtfully designed program, comprised of immersive and accessible artworks, is created for an audience of all ages and nationalities, exposing a diverse range of artistic knowledge, and could potentially culminate an exhibition at the Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California. The artists invited to participate will serve as Ambassadors for the brand and will give viewers the opportunity to experience Peanuts in a new and exciting way — through the eyes of some of the most important artists of our time.